Find Motivated Sellers, Close More Deals
And Make Money in 60 Days or Less

Yes Darlene! I'm ready to invest in myself, become the 'Go To' Expert in my Target Market, quit my day job, and live the laptop lifestyle I've dreamed of as a successful Real Estate Investor!

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer worth over $10,000 of training for a very low investment. This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute as soon as the next class is full.

I also understand that as part of the leading program for ULTIMATE FORECLOSURE FORMULA, I will get:

  • 90 Days Hands-on Training with your D.R.E.A.M. Team immediately including the benefits below
  • As a new student in the UFF program, and for a limited time, you also have access to virtual Office Hours twice a week! This is a bonus that has been offered only to our Mastermind students but is being extended to new students for a limited time. If you have a deal that needs some analysis or you run into a roadblock when talking to sellers and want us to join you on a live call with the Seller, or you want help with your marketing plan or structuring your offers, You can take advantage of having my team at your side to see you through. Come to office hours and get some help and advice from the coaches and other students.  
  • 3 Day Online Seminars: A recorded Step by Step plan to show me how to talk to Motivated Sellers once I find them, close more deals, use the technology and resources, put together my Marketing Plan and attract the types of leads I need to buy more distressed properties.
  • Recorded Live group coaching sessions with Darlene Coquerel and Kyle Kufeldt, to help Find Motivated Sellers, Structure Creative Deals, write a Business Plan to Quit Your Day Job in 24 months and create Automated Systems to bring Motivated Sellers to me.
  • Lifetime Access to the recording of the live classes in case I want to review the material.
  • Lifetime access to Ultimate Foreclosure Formula FB support group to help me with putting together my deals and feedback on how to get more offers accepted.
  • Access to the Membership Site with over 50 videos, slide decks, forms, scripts and more so you can study at your own pace; review past classes; or brush up on your skills when talking to Sellers!
  • Access to contracts, templates, sample sales letters, scripts, marketing materials and more.
  • Fast Action Bonus: Unlimited re-attendance right to Ultimate Foreclosure Formula live training sessions in future groups to get updates and more support.

Yes Darlene! I'm ready to invest in myself, help change other people's lives, quit my day job, and live the laptop lifestyle from anywhere in the world!

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